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23.01.2013  As the world watched President Obama being sworn in for his second term during his inauguration that happened on Monday January 21, 2013 on the Dr. Martin
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The tragedy that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut is beyond horrendous. There is no excuse and there should be no defense for someone
all u muthafuccas that are hating on the town shut the fucc up 206 stand up come to the south side of the city and run your mouths u fake ass niggas
fight in the hood what the hell you cant even see shit all you hear is folks yellin like they crazy
Gangs of Chicago
  • Criminals don’t obey laws - News-Times:.

  • - Where the streets are.

    Washington state gun bill to allow for.

    Photographs depicting life, homes, and businesses in the communities that make up Chicago. - Where the streets are. Min. Louis Farrakhan: why don’t you come.
    Bridgeport guide, moving to Chicago |.