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robbie's spaghetti house

Robbie's Handy Household Tips and Tricks:.

21.03.2013  (760) 634-2365 "We're big Vigilucci fans, so Robbie's is our place to sit in the bar and enjoy either the sports on TV or the decent local musicians who
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Just love their combination plate with spaghetti, lasagna, and parmigiana. The service is great. However, I must state that the music they play ruins the ambience

robbie's spaghetti house

robbie's spaghetti house

Robbie's Roadhouse Bar & Grille.
Come in, relax, and experience an evening of dining pleasure in one of our three seating areas. This beautifully designed room is perfect for your reception, office
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1606 Walkley Road Ottawa, Ontario K1V 6P5 Click Here to View Map & Driving Directions. Email: Reservations. Please call us to make a

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